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at 4-month lows, mostly on concerns about greece and weaker economic data in th united states. as well, concerns about jpmorgan. jamie dimon will have to explain himselelf in front of congress. the senate banking committee is calling on the jpmorgan chase chairman and ceo to testify next month on the company's big trading losses, now valued at possibly as high as $5 billion. the company has lost some $30 billion in market value in a week. >>> it looks like the possibility of aitional economic stimulus by the federal reserve could be growing. the fed's open market committee releasing the minutes from the april meeting this week. more members of the fmoc now say they are on to adtional quantitative easing should the economy falter further. >>> retail sales up in april. weak clothing and building material sales helping keep that number low. >>> facebook flies, the market tumbles. what happens if greece leaves the euro? a busy week and joining us to help explain what it means, richard bernstein, ceo of bernstein advisers. good to see you again. let'ss talk facebook. big day on friday, obvi
tonight. >> not a good night for the home team. the united states gets wax to by the brazil team. the wizards find out their positions. [ mechanical humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> the wizards had a great chance to get the first pick in the nba draft tonight. leon harris thinking conspiracy theory. it went right down to the chalk until the final three teams. when they open the envelope for the third pick you can almost hear the air coming out of and be a -- wizards of fans. the no. 2 pick was charlotte. they will get the no. 1 selection in the june 28 draft and will most likely take anthony davis. let's go to miami. the celtics led 5346 at intermission. three blocks between them. they combined f
chinese activist. >> he has been offered a fellowship at a university in the united states. this case has increased tensions between the united states and china. >> it is the latest twist in a drama that threatened to dismantle a diplomatic agreement between the u.s. and china. the foreign ministry said they will allow the prominent activist to apply for a permit to study abroad. the secretary of call state hillary clinton -- secretary of state hillary clinton address the situation for the first time since arriving at a summit. >> a statement confirmed he can apply to travel abroad. >> they appear to be easing restrictions on chen. >> staff and our doctor had a chance to meet with him. he confirmed that he and his family now want to go to the united states so he can pursue his studies. >> the new deal is not welcomed by everyone. amnesty international call it an empty promise by the chinese. there are a few things chen is not getting including one he expressed recalling into a congressional meeting. >> i want to meet with secretary clinton. >> he also is not leaving on her plane. experts
to places outside the united states. >> the memorial day week -- we can will feel more like the fourth of july. the forecast, after the break. x memorial day weekend begins with an emotional day at arlington national cemetery. the old guard planted flags that each grave marker this afternoon. in all some 22,000 flags were placed by graves. the old guard started the annual tradition back in 1928. if you are driving somewhere for the memorial day weekend, there is some good news that the gas station. >> gas prices continued to slide. the national average is now $3.67 a gallon. prices are down in maryland and virginia with virginia now under $3.50 a gallon. >> southwest airlines is now getting ready to fly outside the united states. they are preparing to handle two dozen international flights including to mexico city and the cosmos and look this -- cabo san lucas para >> concerns about mosquitos. residents in fairfax county say they are already being bitten by the pest. the health department is putting out 68 traps to see if any are carrying the west nile virus. health inspectors warn res
mission -- to terrorize americans. >> he absolutely hates the united states. he hates what the united states kolter has brought to the world. >> we are letting the hatred is learning the citizen learn new ways to take down a plane. even more gruesome, surgically hiding them in pets. >> a range of things that makes them so competent as a bomb maker. he is clearly very innovative. he has a skill to put together these types of bonds. he is very close to the leader of al qaeda. >> his methods are becoming more sophisticated and problematic. that has them preparing for the likelihood of additional strikes coming from al qaeda. >> we want to make sure he does not have the opportunity to build any device whatsoever or impart his knowledge to anyone else who wants to build these devices. >> just last night, five militants were killed in a drone strike in yemen. today he remains at large. >> out a virginia community is preparing to say farewell to a community school that was damaged during an earthquake. >> sunny skies to wrap up the work week. >> there is a huge celebration at redskins park.
this evening. 1 now spokesman jay carney said that the united states is working hard to safely return him to his family but said again that the united states does not negotiate with terrorists. >> we have more details on the story as well as the video in its entirety right now on our website, >> breaking news from the cia this evening. the agency has stopped a plot by al qaeda to blow up a passenger airplane down for the u.s.. the bombing was planned for the anniversary of osama bin laden's death but the would-be suicide bomber had not chosen which like to bring down. it was an upgrade of the underwear bomb that fell to blow up a plane in detroit in 2009. the fbi now has that device and is looking at whether it would have passed through security. >> some of the deadliest crime the city has found in recent memory. five member found guilty of a shooting spree in march 2010. 14 people were shot, five were killed. it all began as a dispute over piece of missing jewelry. relatives of the victims were in court today for the verdict. >> it gave us the justice that our children deserve.
in united states, even though the president released his whole line birth certificate last year. we will have more on this coming up tonight on abc 7 news. and spelling under way at the national harbors. to order 70 kids from around the country are participating in the 85th national spelling bee, including the young this contestant ever. the six-year-old virginian girl. how is she doing so far? >> she was doing pretty good so far. she just set the stage a couple of minutes ago. there is quite a hush throughout the entire crowd. ever had their eyes on her being so young. her word was dirigible. >> dirigible. d-i-r-i-g-i-b-l-e. [applause] >> you can hear the crowd there. she did get her word right. she is a superstar speller. she has been reading since she was two-years old. she is just a typical six year- old girl who likes to play with her friends and go swimming as well. she is one of a handful of students and spellers who are doing quite well today. there was one speller representing the district. she got her word right this morning. they got nine spellers who got their words righ
in 1999 they brought a filipina national into the united states illegally. she was kept in the home against her will for 10 years and forced to work nonstop without pay. the couple will be sentenced and each face up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. >> the developments and the plane collision in virginia, officials released new details this afternoon. the planes went down after hitting each other near fauquier county. all involved were experienced pilots. jay korff is standing by with the latest details. >> are learning much more about the two man who perished in that horrible crash a couple of days ago. first we would like to start with paul gardella. this is the neighborhood where he lived. tonight his colleagues are devastated and his neighbors are in shock. >> it is clearly a terrible loss. >>paul gardella was always quick with a smile and a wave. they are devastated at the news that gardella and james duncan or the man who perished after their plane collided with another small aircraft over role fauquier county. the pilot of the other plane managed to land. >> there
ever helps the united states, you know, the u.s. is not going to be there and you're going to be held accountable by your own government? >> it's -- it is so difficult to understand and it's so disturbing that they would sentence this doctor to 33 years for helping in the search for the most notorious terrorist in our times. this -- this doctor was not working against pakistan. he was working against al qaeda. and i hope that ultimately pakistan understands that. because, what they have done here, i think, you know, does not help in the effort to try to re-establish a relationship between the united states and pakistan. >> secretary panetta, can we call pakistan an ally when they do something like this, when they sentence a doctor who helped the united states find bin laden who has killed more muslims than i can count? how can we call them an ally when they sentence this guy to prison? >> well, jake, this has been one of the most complicated relationships that we have had, working with pakistan. you know, we have to continue to work at it. it is important. this is a country that has -
. beijingg wants the united states to apologize for keeping him at the embassy, and clinton has said that it was an extraordinary circumstance and we don't expect it to be repeated. when " the wall street journrnal" says it is a sign n of weakness what is your take evan? >> pny crisis. what you have to keep yourye on this u.s.-chinese relations. that is the larger picicture here. i do't blame him for getting -- he is not the main event. the main event is us getting along with china. that does not mean we hahaveo kowtow to them, but we have to get along. i sliked seeing romney tried to make hay out of this thing because the larger issssue is u.u.s.-chinese relations. >> nina? >> having a political cdidate not make hay out o of it is like having a waterpaniel not go in the water. these ings are i incncredibly complicated. we as a free society want to do everything, anit is in conflict often with our national interests on a larger scale. in this case, there may have also been aa battle in china among different factions with the military havaving one position and reformer people having a
, a democrat, and the united states senator joe manchin, will n not reveal for home they voted in the tuesday primary. the prisoner will be at the reeation arein 20 minutes. >> west virgin at never did love barack obam hillary clinton buried him. >> to follow on mark's point linden johnson had a simimar experience in new hampshire. >> but what happened to him. >> we saw something comparable in south carolina last year, when an unknown i individual with a criminal record won the democratic nomination and got thosose from people who knew nothing about him. same thing in this case in west virginia- >> the democratic party is a big tent. >> that pron ibelmonte's the worst of the worst, also. >> wee have a lot of angry voters out there and, if they are voting for cons. >> angry republican voters told lugar to takake a height. >>he lugar election which you could see comoming about month and half ago is evidence of such polarization that mr. mourdock said that the problem with lugar is that h crossed party lines. in my ew, that is not a way to run a country, but ideas winning momore and more. -- ti
in the direction of greece. the problem we are witnessing in greece, we are witnessing in the united states. the leadership addressing problems that are well known and right in front of us -- the gridlock you see any greece is also gridlock we have,olitical gridlo, in the united states, and to try to put this on the face of obama is ludicrous. we know what is happening. the republicans will never agree anything that will allow a compromise -- >> democrats had control of the house, the senate, and the presidency for two years and did nothing on entitlements -- >> how can you- >> nothing otax reform, and that is what is killing us econonomically and destroying our treasury. unleless you get learship on that, you get nowhere. >> with the structure of e republican party, you cannot get anytng done. >> if republicans run on the paul ryan budget in 2012, they are committing an act of political self-immolation. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ ♪ she
aimed at bringing down a plane headed to the united states. good morning, washington. it's tuesday, may 8, i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. glad to be with you. we start with traffic and weather. adam caskey has the forecast. >> grab the umbrella today and tomorrow if. by the end of the we come back to bright sunshine. right now we have a little action popping up on the radar screen far west of washington. locally, the morning commute will be dry. the drive home will probably be a little damp. you will notice the very light rain west of interstate 81, even along interstate 81 south of martinsburg if. that is an isolated sprinkle of. status town as well. along 70, light rain in the potomac highlands pushing northeast. right now, 62 in washington. mid 70's this afternoon with limited sunshine. overall, more clouds and sunshine. scattered late-day showers and storms. lingering storms tonight and a repeat performance tomorrow with a cold front, mid 70's. seven-day forecast coming up. >> an accident reported in cheverly. it is 50 the john hanson highway, westbound near 202. it is
for the obama administration. >> reporter: the united states was caught in the middle of the crisis when the blind activist made a daring escape from house arrest and traveled to the u.s. embassy in beijing. when chen refused to leave the embassy, officials did not know his wife had apparently been beaten. >> an interrogator told her clearly if your husband did not walk out of the u.s. embassy, we will kill you. >> reporter: chen has become a symbol of human rights abuses in china. his supporters are sporting his dark trademark, dark sunglasses and posting them online. rob and sunny? >> tahman bradley, thanks for that report this morning. >>> we're getting more insight into the mind of osama bin laden from just released letters written by the terror leader himself. they show bin laden was worried about al qaeda's reputation among muslims. and that he remained focused on killing americans until just before his death. with more on this, abc's karen travers. >> reporter: newly released documents show a frustrated terror leader. one that was worried about the future of al qaeda. an analysis
the criticism of pink slime unfounded. >>> something is happening tonight on the west coast of the united states. take a look. in alaska, photographs in the past several days showing a mountain of debris descending on the beaches there. a lot of the items have japanese labels, the debris from a snearm more than a year ago. all tolled 1.5 million tons of trash are drifting this way about four miles per hour, and it's bigger than the state of california coming our way. clean-up workers are now getting hazmat training to deal with some of of the trash. volunteers are also joining up to join the marathon effort to save those beaches. >>> we have hopeful news on the jobs front today. in march u.s. companies posted the highest number of job openings in nearly four years, but we all recognize the economy has a long way to go. we return to abc's david muir and the made in america team who have been looking for solutions, ways to create jobs at home. david? >> this has been about jobs from the very start. we all remember that turbine builders posed a challenge to people all over. he said use 5% more amer
could bring it back to the united states. nobody knows what's coming up in 2013. is there going to be a giant fiscal tightening with the bush tax cuts ending? with the temporary wage subsidies ending and other things? or are we going to have another stimulus? i don't think anybody knows. a lot of the uncertainty. >> let me ask you this. in terms of thtax situation in the united states, if we see the bush tax cuts expire, you've got catal gains taxes going up to, i don't know, 25%, you've got dividend taxes going from 16% or 17% all the way up to 43%. if that happens, do you ththinke get a market sell-off? >> oh, absolutely. i mean, i think that is not likely to happen, that's really jumping off the fiscal cliff. if it hpened in the context of some great reform like bowls simpson or something that gets rid of a lot of the deductions, keeps the rates low, maybe raises them a little if the wealthiest taxpayers. if we get real refm that could help the market. if it looks like paralysis, we don't know what's coming in 2013, a lot of uncertainty out there. >> we've goen a pretty stron
to act. we'valready passed 30 jobs bills out of the house that are sitting in the united states senate. the house e is going to act to extend the current tax rates, whether we make them permanent or we extend them for a year, that debate's still up in the air. we're going to d do our work. it's time for the united states senate to do their work. >> in the last few weeks it seems like the pace of economic recovery has slowed quite a bit. a lot of people talk about europe, a lot of people talk about the price of oil. what's your take on where we are right now? >> i think the economy is slowing. and i would not be at all surprised to see it continue. why? look at what's going on in europe. it's having a very big impact on the united states. we've got record low interest rates. yet employers are scared. they're afraid to move forward. >> so can you explain to the american people what the gop would do, what's number one on the agenda, if in fact you get the white house in -- at the end of this year? >> i think dealing with the debt, dealing with our tax code, are the two really big issues.
deficit in the united states is already very high. and secondly, in terms of the u.s. economy, u.s. economy is now smaller than that of the european union. the second is, the consumer here is not going to be as is resilient as he or she was in december, january, february. i think there's going to be a slow-down. so the u.s. ability to help is also going to be tstrained. >> all of this has created a lack of confidence in terms of equities. the retail investor is upset again after this weekend, the whol facebook ipo fiasco. what kind of impact has that had in terms of confidence? has it made things more skittish? >> i do think thatat's one of t symptoms we continue to see, weak confidence with the investor. you look at p/es in the trading market, trading at depressed maets. fund flows continue to be negative, they're coming outf the equity market. and then you compare that to bonds. we already have record low yields for treasuries. even overseas with the bund, for example. it continues to weigh on investor confidence. >> what does thatmean? how does that play out? are you expecting
in the united states. and it would lift this cloud of uncertainty that's causing employers to wonder, what's next? so dealing with our debt and deficit are critically important. >> isn't this actually create more uncertainty over the next several months? >> no, george, the issue is the debt. you know, people aren't clamoring to invest in greece today. and if we don't begin to deal with our debt and our deficit in an honest and serious way, we're not going to have many options. listen, i'm not going to apologize for leading. the real issue here is, will the president lead? >> what makes us like greece is putting the question of whether or not we're going to pay our bills, making that a political question. that's what the economists said. >> george, remember, this is about jobs. if we are really serious about getting the american people back to work, removing the clouds of uncertainty are important. you can look at the end of the year, we're looking at the largest tax increase in america history on january 1st. we're looking at big cuts to our department of defense, that's going to affect ou
of there and to the united states. that's, i think, what we ought to all focus on. but i also think it's important to recognize that people who helped him are being rounded up and detained. people are being arrested. there are other people that helped mr. chen get to the american embassy. we have to focus on them as well. but the first priority is to get him out of there and to the united states. >> there is a lot of back and forth about the osama bin laden web ad that the obama campaign is running. and it quotes mid rom in 2007 saying, in a quote, it's not worth heaven and earth trying to spend millions of drying trying to catch one person. you and romney were oeptd opponents at the time and you took issue with those comments before obama did. here is an article from politico at that time. it's not worth moving hempb and earth spending billions of dollars just to try to catch one american. it takes a dwee of naivete. and it seems like and you the president agree on this situation, no? >> i think what mitt was saying also f you looked a the entire context of his remains that obama was part of the
as for the support. >> to you into the people of the united states, the gratitude of the united -- afghan people, for the support that you have provided over the past decade. >> but the things you did little to calm the chaos sunday night. 45 people were arrested and a few injured as a small group of demonstrators lashed out at police. protesters are now gearing up for round two putting pressure on those that they feel are now being held responsible. >> nato generals need to be held accountable to those serving under them. >> first lady michelle obama was not immune from the protesters either. hundreds demonstrated near the art institute of chicago as she hosted a dinner for the spouses of nato leaders inside. >> also new at noon, a major announcement from the naacp. they have passed a resolution supporting same-sex marriage. this comes two weeks after the president announced he supports the controversial issue. >> that announcement just wrapping up a little while ago. the president of the naacp calling this a civil rights issue of our time. they say that this was not a time to speak out, to mak
starbucks are probably more concerned than they are. >> thank you. in addition to the united states canada, france, italy russia germany, japan, and the united kingdom -- will follow it all week long on >> police have uncovered a bizarre twist in a murder for hire case. ralph justice a jail officer, is now a second suspect. he was part of a plan devised by michael rusinack. justice's role was to frame the stepson and have him salted in jail. the stepson was never harmed. >> a corridor has confirmed the cause of death for mary kennedy. she died of asphyxiation due to hanging. she was found dead in a westchester county new york raj yesterday. she had been struggling with the drug and alcohol in recent years. there was a heated abortion bill debate on capitol hill today. it would ban abortion in washington d.c. after 20 weeks of pregnancy. it is based on the claim that fetuses can feel pain at 20 weeks or older. it is a top priority of pro-life groups. >> the nearly bankrupt u.s. postal service will close dozens of processing centers including facilities in gaithersburg and waldorf.
to live in new york where we actually have same-sex marriage, that the president of the united states has come out and said that you are equal, that you do matter. so it does mean something. >> and "good morning america" will have much more of robin's exclusive conversation with the president in the morning. >>> coming up next, he was once a presidential contender himself and now john edwards is on trial and his former aides are coming clean about the day he lied to "nightline" cameras. thanks for babysitting the kids, brittany. so how much do we owe you? that'll be $973.42. ya know, your rates and fees aren't exactly competitive. who do you think i am, quicken loans? [ spokesman ] when you refinance your mortgage with quicken loans, you'll find that our rates and fees are extremely competitive. because the last thing you want is to spend too much on your mortgage. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. ♪ one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. with these new depend real fit briefs,untry and today we are surprising pro football all stars. there's wes, clay and dem
on the loose. >> on this mayday occupy marchers are being planned and 120 cities across the united states, including the nation's capital. >> members of occupy d.c. our plan in a rally this afternoon. at 6:30, they will march to the white house. they are calling today this part -- start of their spring resurgence. d.c. council is expected to repay city workers for the for they were taken to -- forced to take. council members are also expected to vote for another bill. legislation to delay tax on out- of-state bonds held by d.c. residents. turning to the 20 top campaign comedy about a campaign is wrapping up efforts in virginia, launching a new effort to win the common law. >> it is important for women to have a president to care about women's rights. [applause] >> and holton and valerie halosted and event's last night. her husband is running for the senate seat held by jim webb. achy mitt romney supporter made headlines yesterday. -- a key mitt romney supporter made headlines yesterday. that's new jersey john boehner -- to governor chris christie. resisted a curse to run for president. ro
of the united states to cannot be honest, -- >> it took 20 minutes for newt gingrich to even mention mitt romney. his main message is he stands -- plans to stay outspoken on the political stage. newt gingrich says he is suspending his campaign, not ending it. he did not formally endorsed mitt romney today, but his aides say that will be coming at a later date. reporting live, rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> officially it is down to two men in the republican race. that is officially because ron paul has yet to win a primary and has won a total of only 80 delegates. he vows to stay in the race all the way to the convention. >> you can follow developments anytime on our web site >> president obama returned late from his surprise trip to afghanistan. some of his republican critics say the president is politicizing the death. the president is keeping busy on the campaign trail. >> late breaking developments tonight in a high-profile trial in arlington. a jury has recommended 22 years in prison for michael gardner. he was convicted earlier of molesting two young girls at his daughter's sleepo
was the united states to stop air strikes in somalia and yemen. police looking for the shooter of shelinda arrington. she was struck after she got out of her car. road rage may have played a role. jayson werth broke his arrest while trying to make a sliding catch. phillies ended up beating the mets. >> the 33rd law enforcement memorial service will be held this morning. this takes place at 11:00 a.m.. adobe front of police headquarters predict it will take place -- it'll take place in front of police headquarters. >> more sad news for the conflagration in ellicott city. a second victim has died. a homeless man shot the rev erend and brenda. then he shot and killed himself. he was told he should limit his visit to the church can treat. >> we will continue to -- pantry. >> we will continue to minister the people. >> she is a colleague of mine. i am sad. >> brenda of burlibrewington died. >> an autopsy today on a body found at the home of the kentucky derby. he was found in a stable area. it was discovered hours after the derby. they are investigating the death. we will await the corner. corn
and remember rents. >> to remember the veterans who fought to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. >> american flags and the backdrop. >> i am thankful for all the people who give their life for the country. >> memorials with battles fought and those who gave their lives carved in stone are perhaps the most poignant attraction. >> used to be able to come here and honor them. it is -- you cannot describe it. >> she found the name of her great grand father. >> especially being that we're here on memorial day weekend it is pretty awesome. >> the men and women of rolling thunder 400,000 strong. >> it will be an honor to pay tribute to our fallen brothers and sisters. clucks most from the vietnam era preparing for that great ride across memorial bridge sunday. >> if a guy comes out here and does not shed a tear by what he sees, there is something wrong with him. >> it really is an incredible story to see and hear the thousands and thousands of motorcycles crossing memorial bridge. afterwards we talk to all the veterans about their stories and also how they never forgot their fal
with the back on my feet program. they have helped homeless people across united states through their program. >> representing washington when she heads to las vegas for the miss usa pageant she says that her squad makes convince her to get into the project. washington says that she loves the lifestyle and loves getting back to the community. >> something that means something to me is giving back to the community being a positive mentor. >> that is in las vegas on friday. we are wishing her all of our best out there. >> that you white is coming here to washington. -- betty white is coming here to washington. she will discuss her career and longtime passion for animals. she will also sign copies of her book. friday, she will have a private tour of the national zoo to see their research efforts. >> all right. >> coming up on abc 7 news at noon relationship rules. why do men say that texting is just so difficult these days? >> and later? >> my latest attempt to conquer the game show on television. >> the secret to a longer life? it may be in a textbook. higher education leads to better finances,
will be sentenced today. they pleaded guilty to the united states property. he faces 18 months in jail. they still nearly a thousand recordings from as far back as the 1920's. he plans to sell them on ebay. a bouncer is under arrest after allegedly assaulting and critically injuring a customer. he was kicked out of r.j. bentley's for throwing a drink on a woman. when he tried to return, the bouncer choked and part touched him. he is charged with assault and reckless endangerment. >> drivers are urged to be careful as they're looking for the man accused of impersonating a police officer. he is already targetted one driver. >> residents of this neighborhood are aghast. >> it is scary. >> after finding out that a police impersonator terrorized this woman near their home. >> it is disconcerting. people are out all the time. there's always the traffic. >> a driver honked and waved at her to pull over just before wednesday. a man approached her and ordered her to sit on the curb. he then drove off with their perce and cell phone. >> that is horrible. i am right around the corner. i cannot believe that h
people and to the world, the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. >> reporter: but after the spontaneous display of passion and patriotism that night -- the reality of the war in afghanistan continued. since bin laden's death, 367 american troops have been killed and almost 4,500 wounded in afghanistan. >> there are roughly 88,000 troops in afghanistan right now. the u.s. is scheduled to pull out of the country, the last of the president's surge troops by september, with the remaining 68,000 u.s. troops scheduled to leave by the end of 2014. today president obama assured hamid karzai and warned insurgents that the u.s. will not abandon afghanistan after 2014, that the u.s. will not leave the country to fend for itself against the taliban and al qaeda. the two men signed a pip agreement outlining ways the u.s. will remain involved. then the president traveled to bagram again where he spoke to u.s. troops. >> there will be heart break and pain and difficulty ahead. but there's a light on the horizon because of the sacrifices y
accurate. >> i think we need to take that very serious. and throughout the united states, we are in fire prone areas. >> so, they are talking about wildfires. go back to that poison plot. any sign it is ongoing? >> reporter: in the mag sooeb that's just come out, there are references to a justification for using poison, biological and chemical weapons. so, something seems to be cooking, according to u.s. authorities. >> following up on the poison. okay, thank you so much brian. >>> and now, all the eyes of the world are on secretary of state hillary clinton tonight, in beijing, long a champion of human rights. she faces a very tough choice. a blind man, that activist hero who made the daring escape, flipping past chinese guards under cover of night, is now asking her to take him to the united states on her plane. a move that would have dramatic repercussions in china. so, what will she do? here's abc's martha raddatz. >> reporter: the day is just beginning in china, but secretary clinton has said nothing about the cry sils since chen guangcheng changed his mind about remaining in china,
a pleap headed to the united states. our team is standing by with the latest and we begin with abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> the cia and other intelligence services had the would-be bomber under surveillance fb some time before taking him into custody and seizing the bomb that had been made for him. sources say the threat is far from over, that there may be other would-be bombers with similar non-metallic devices that could get through most airport security screenings. as abc news first reported last week, the plot led the u.s. to order scores of air marshalls to europe to protect aircraft. flights out of gatwick in britain and elts where, received 100% coverage with air marshalls on every flight, according to u.s. officials. authorities say the flot was foiled in time so that no flights were ever in danger. >> the u.s. government is saying it never game close because they had insider information. >> just and other intelligence serves said alsiri, once again was the mastermind of the plot. authorities tell abc news, the latest bomb was an improved version of the so
laden had big plans for the united states up until his death. -- osama bin laden had some big plans for the united states up until his death. documents are now on line. the papers tell a story of planned attacks as well as his frustrations of problems within his terrorist networks. jay korff is live with more on tonight's top story. >> west. pored over and analyze tens of thousands of electronic and paper documents. to date they released 17 that painted a portrait of a frustrated osama bin laden. >> there recovered a treasure trove of hard drives and written papers in the al qaeda's leader's compound.
a manufacture here in the united states. >> reporter: $2.5 million in sales now made in america and now in that aisle, right here at cvs. >> i can't believe it. >> reporter: and there's hanna, who just weeks ago had a brave pitch, too. a young mom, frustrated over the sippy cups that always leave leftover juice at the bottom. >> you don't know how many times my daughter has done this, ask me for more milk because the liquid is resting at the bottom. >> reporter: enter her invention, the lollacup. where is it made? >> we decided to manufacture the product here in the united states. >> reporter: assembling the cups at home, boxing them right in her living room. now receiving 1,000 cups a month. >> made in america! >> reporter: along with tiffany and her daughter and ava the elephant. >> made in america! >> reporter: while back in that kitchen tonight on this mother's day weekend, a mother and her daughter and their recipe for success. >> oh, we're proud of her. >> reporter: you're proud of her? >> yep. >> reporter: we're proud, too. we choose the made in america moms, our "persons of the
a boy a plot to blow up an airplane headed to the united states. >> the man who was supposed to use the bomb was an informant. brianne carter has more on the story. >> we are learning new details, including the fact that the man al qaeda had hoped to would carry at this attack actually was working for the cia. according to reports, the spy had infiltrated the organization and learned of the plot. before anything could happen, the bomber got his hands on a device and returned it to intelligence authorities. the fbi is going to analyze the device described as an upgraded version of the underwear bomb used in the attempt to bomb a plane in 2009 and christmas day. the question is, officials are wondering whether or not this would make it through the measures already in place. >> by having the bomb in its original state before it goes off, u.s. experts are able to figure out how it works and how it might be detected. >> this newest version contained no metal so the concern is that it would be able to make it through the screening devices. we have learned that officials in the u.s. are go
weak affecting recover for nations such as the united states. the small town of thurmont, maryland, is crawling with heavy security and police presence already this morning. residents and business owners in frederick have been warned of major demonstrations that could even begin later today. a group known as the one campaign has already spray- painted washable messages on area roads urging the leaders to put an end to poverty and hunger. they want these leaders to do something about this, this weekend. they spray-painted pennsylvania avenue also, near the white house trying to get the message across. this is baker park. hundreds are expected here today and possibly tomorrow morning. they have a permit and if they will be out here in force. john gonzalez reporting live, abc 7 news. >> donna edwards' faith in the hands of a jury -- john edwards. at issue whether his sex scandal cover-up was a crime or just above applies. prosecutors say that edwards broke campaign finance laws by using nearly $1 million from campaign donors to cover up his relationship with rielle hunter if. his defe
enthusiastically support the president and his policy. he took an oath to be the president of the united states, not the pastor of the united states. >> rev. coates was among those pastors who supported maryland's game marriage law. >> john edwards defense team has wrapped up its first day of calling witnesses to make its case for the former presidential candidate. the team has shifted the focus of the trial to the dry details of campaign expenditures. this comes after weeks of dramatic testimony about edwards extramarital affair and love child with rielle hunter. the defense strategy is to paint edwards as a liar but not a criminal. the famed florida a&m university marching band is being suspended for least another year following the hazing death of a drum major. this comes as the school works to clear the hazing culture. 11 band members face felony charges in the death of robert champion and others face misdemeanor counts. he died after being repeatedly pummeled by band mates in a hazing ritual. >> two days after losing game 7 to the rangers, a big announcement and the capitals' organization.
of the united states, near mexico. its name is hurricane bud. at the same time, there are signs tonight that another big storm is building strength off the east coast, florida, about to get soaked this holiday weekend. here's abc's weather editor sam champion. >> reporter: the atlantic hurricane season officially starts june 1st, but tropical storm alberto jumped the gun last week, churning up the waters off south carolina. and now, a tropical diser the balance could turn into tropical storm beryl over the weekend. two named storms haven't happened in 104 years. add in hurricane bud and this is something completely new. >> this is the first time we've had a pre-season named storm in both the atlantic and eastern pacific basins. >> reporter: despite all this early activity, noaa today is predicting a nearly normal hurricane season, with 9 to 15 named storms, including as many as eight that could grow into hurricanes. three of those are predicted to be major, with winds over 111 miles per hour. but predictions only mean so much. last year was the sixth year in a row without a major catego
in the united states." call or go to to discover for yourself why we're engineered to amaze. when i had my heart event. and i've been on a bayer aspirin regimen ever since. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i know if i take my bayer aspirin i have a better chance of living a healthy life. >>>well, look what came to visit one southern california family's backyard on memorial day. a young bear made himself right at home including taking a nice dip in the pool. the sisters who took the video said it seemed like the bear could not care less that they were watching. their family lived there for 20 years and say this is the first ever bear sighting. >> looking for some porridge i believe too. >>> now for a look at morning road condition, wet on i-95 from the carolinas to daytona beach. flooding on parts of i-10 and 75 in florida. heavy rain on i-35 from oklahoma city to dallas and it's going to be slick on i-90 from billings to spokane. >> flying today, airport delays are possible along the east coast with all that rain here in
the president was born in the united states but he is happy to take the money that donald trump is willing to raise for him in las vegas. the texas primary will be icing on the cake for mitt romney. i think he will ride that wave throughout this week. >> we heard mitt romney yester day giving a speech yesterday in san diego. he said we would have the strongest military in the world. it sounds like he was taking a shot at president obama. >> absolutely, this has been the mitt romney message from day one. he believes barack obama is apologetic for the united states abroad and does not utilize u.s. power effectively. this message will become more important this week because the situation in syria has gotten so bad that the republican nominee and some of the president's other opponents like john mccain are out there talking about whether or not the president is tough enough on the brutal syrian regime. mitt romney has attacked president about about the strength of the military not going away and it will become even more important this coming week. >> abbie phillips, thank you. >> defense secre
parts to get past security. as a result, security has stepped up in the united states, the united kingdom and the middle east. >> nobody wants to be the person who overlooked a clue. that's happened in the past. and we've paid for it. >> reporter: u.s. officials say there's no credible information of an imminent attack. but white house counterterrorism official, john brennan, warns the al qaeda in yemen is a significant threat. >> they continue to seek the ability to strike our homeland. >> reporter: one year ago, president obama ordered the killing of osama bin laden. yesterday, he called on americans to remember those who participated in the operation. >> the american people rightly, remember what we, as a country, accomplished. in bringing to justice, somebody who killed over 3,000 of our citizens. >>> u.s. authorities say they made adjustments to airport screenings, such as turning up the radiation used to try to detect body bombs. rob? sunny? >> sobering news. tahman bradley in washington. thanks very much, tahman. >>> bin laden's death is figuring prominently in the presiden
what the republican congress wants, that he wants to take the united states back to the same policies that created the economic meltdown, and the other one is a character attack, which is that he is out of touch. he's a rich guy who doesn't understand your problems, and they are pushing forward with that. they got some help from mitt romney's republican opponents during the primaries, i should say. >> a lot of material for them to feed on there. there were tart comments from the romney campaign yesterday about the fact that mr. obama's crowds were really not as big as they were back in '08. any push-back on that from the president's campaign? >> reporter: well, first of all, it's true. it's a true charge. i've been traveling with the president now for five or six years, and i have to say the crowds are smaller. that's no surprise given that the economy is still struggling but push-back from the obama campaign is even if they're not still meeting the crowds that they had four years ago, their crowds are much bigger than mitt romney's. that is also true. >> jake, our stage manager fonsi
they don't believe in gay rights or evolution. >> it's a proud day when the president of the united states says on television gay people shouldn't be only relegated to planning other people's weddings. isn't that right? >> he said his position has been evolving for years. miraculously he saw the light just in time for tonight's big hollywood fund-raiser. what are the odds? what are the odds of that happening? >> george will is off today but we're happy to welcome in today republican strategist mary matalin, along with eliot spitzer, current tv host, politico's maggie haberman, hilary rosen, democratic strategist and ralph reed, founder -- i almost called you the founder of the freedom coalition. >> that's mine -- >> do you have a coalition? >> mary, i was struck in that debate between barney frank and marsha blackburn that neither one wanted to talk about gay marriage all that much even though that's the big news of the week. >> well, it doesn't -- it didn't look like you could get a word in edgewise no matter what you wanted to talk about. i don't think that -- may or may not have been --
be in place in the united states, may not be met in other countries. >> reporter: in the end, this latest plot was stopped not by technology, but by good spy work, with an apparent undercover operative inside al qaeda, raising some other questions about today's release of information by the white house. >> well, you have to wonder if this plot was foiled by someone on theinside, whether or not that means that source is blown, and therefore, they no longer have someone on the inside, and would not know about the next plot. >> u.s. officials say the head of operations for al qaeda in yemen was killed over the weekend by a u.s. drone strike. but tonight, the bomb maker, alasiri, is still at large and is believed to be training other bomb makers at how to make other bomb, all aimed at u.s. aircraft. >>> "good morning america" will have all the latest details on this story in the morning. just ahead, did you see "the avengers" this weekend? we'll bring you the big-brand cameos, you might have missed. with progressive mobile. great! tyler here will show you everything. check out our new mobile app.
online magazine is offering advice on building firebombs. the idea is to start huge fires in the united states. terrorists are instructed on reading about droughts and making timed explosives. experts say the details are disturbing giving the extremely dry conditions in much of the country right now. you can hear more about his final wishes and the latest threats to national security on our web site,. >>harry thomas, jr.'s sentences more than three years in jail. an apology in courts by thomas himself. sam ford is live in federal court with reaction to the sentencing. >> there did not seem to be much glee in the courtroom that they had got him. even the prosecutors said thomas had done good things but admittedly started stealing money intended for their very kids. it was a sad day in court. the last time thomas came to court he was still a combat of politician. and this morning he was mama. what he told the judge was the lowest moment of his life. the prosecutor asked baits for a 46 month sentence pointing to $350,000 he admittedly still from d.c. children programs. thomas's mo
focusing on attacking the united states and coming up with plots to kill u.s. leaders. he called the country, "our desired goal." the letters also wish especially to target airplane's carrying general david petraeus and even president obama. other al-qaeda leaders discussed an immediate strategy for the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. >> they will not say what portion this is of the original documents. of course, for security reasons some will remain classified. abc 7. >> thank you. sun and heat starting to make their way in. adam caskey is here with the forecast. >> the clouds are still hanging on in spots. you can see the edge of the clouds and some of the clearing from our rooftop camera in arlington to 69 degrees. fairfax, same story. this sunshine -- a little boy goes a long way this time of year. we will warm up nicely. 69 and fair fairfax inin fairfax and arlington. mid 80's this afternoon and a few thunderstorms expected this afternoon and evening. we'll talk more about that and the cooler weather, coming up. >> see you in a little bit. a college park bouncer arrested for cr
disrespectful to the president of the united states. >> he is not keen, first of all. he is taking it out of context. i am in my comedy club. you can say whatever you want. >> bill o'reilly said you went across the line. >> who gives a crap about what bill riley thinks? bill o'reilly is just a commentator on fox news. >> he is a hollywood actor. >> that is right. he does not control me or freedom of speech. i do not remember a voting for him for anything. >> you did vote for president obama. would you vote for him again? >> i do not know. i would never tell anybody who to vote for because what if i am wrong? i also said that president t obama is amazing for what he achieved in his life. i am not against the wealthy or successful people. they are not paying their fair share? it is not true. stop putting the republicans on the defensive. he keeps putting them on the defensive right now. it is a blatant appeal to the masses to get votes. it is not helping anything. everyone is in this together. my question is where the expert economists? this is a math. this is not democrat or republican. >
, and not in any city in the united states triggered >> they are investigating the claim that police used excessive force. police say the murder suspect they were looking for on saturday they caught earlier today. >> officers make an arrest in a deadly stabbing case. police believe the 40-year-old stabbed the victim multiple times. it is not known what led to the stabbing in the first place. >> thing you see councilmen is on the mend after he was hospitalized in las vegas and this photo was sent from his twitter account. along with the photo barry writes that the nurse was frustrated, but now she is his best friend in the hospital. he developed a blood clot while traveling to a convention. he is expected to make a full recovery. but some medical bombshell for every man, something that is important for women to talk about with their husbands and fathers as well. they told men to stop using the most common test to detect prostate cancer. good we explain why. >> it detects prostate cancer, but a government panel told men they should skip sonatp the psa test. >> 20 million men get the psa every year. >
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